Secomapp & Bold Subscriptions Integration


Secomapp's Store Pickup app allows you to offer additional options to your customers who may wish to pick up their orders themselves. You can integrate Bold Subscriptions with Secomapp, allowing your customers to access these pickup choices through the subscription checkout.

Integration Features

  • Works with the Multiple Product and Recurring Cart modes of Subscriptions.
  • Passes the Store Pickup location to the subscription checkout. This becomes the address for the order once generated.
  • The Subscriptions' checkout shows a summary of pickup locations and doesn't prompt the customer to enter a shipping address.
  • Subscriptions respects all of the form requirements for Store Pickup. The customer is required to input their zip code, pickup location and/or pickup time before going to check out.
  • Pickup info will appear on the order in Shopify.
  • Removes the "Use same billing address as shipping address" option from the checkout.

Known Limitations

  • Does not work with Single Product mode.
  • Does not work with Prepaid or Build a Box subscriptions.
  • Customers can choose all of their shipping or pickup options through the Secomapp widget on the initial order, but do not have the same options for subsequent subscription orders.
  • The information placed on the initial order will always carry over to subsequent orders.
  • This integration does not change anything in Subscriptions' "Manage Subscription" portal for customers. Customers are still able to change their shipping address (pickup location) themselves even though it may not be the desired action.
  • When the admin or customer is making certain changes (e.g. adding products) to an existing subscription, Subscriptions may check for the best applicable shipping rate for future orders. This could potentially cause issues with pickup fees being overwritten by other rates. You can change how a shipping rate is chosen on the General Settings page.
  • Adding products to an existing subscription will not display Secomapp's shipping rates. Only Shopify's shipping rates will be shown.

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