View Widget Performance in Bold Brain

Bold Brain has the ability to track various analytics relating to your widgets' performance. You're able to see views, clicks, add-to-carts, and purchases that are made through the widgets on your site.



  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Brain.
  3. Select Widgets.

    From the side navigation menu, select Widgets

  4. Select Performance.

    Along the Recommendation Widgets navigation bar, select Performance (to the right of Manage)

  5. The top graph charts your widget(s) clicks, day-to-day:

    Note: You can change the date range of the chart in the top-left corner. This graph will show click statistics for all of the widgets used on your site.

    Picture shows a graph with the title Widget Clicks, and above that has a filter set to the last 30 days, where you can also use a calendar to make a custom range

  6. The section below this goes a bit further into the analytics:

    Note: The widget type is listed in the top-left corner of this section.

    Picture shows 5 connected boxes, from left to right: impressions, clicks, add to carts, items ordered, widget revenue. Below that is no clicks, no add to cart, and abandoned, so you can see where customers have dropped off during their shopping journey

    • Impressions & No Clicks: 'Impressions' are how many times the widget has been viewed on the storefront. 'No Clicks' are instances where customers did not click on a product in the widget.

      Note: 'Impressions' are added each time a customer views a new product. This number can be quite high if you have a large amount of site traffic.

      Picture shows the Impressions and No Clicks boxes highlighted

    • Clicks & No Add to Cart: 'Clicks' are calculated when the customer selects a product displayed in the widget. 'No Add to Carts' occur if the customer does not add the selected product to their cart, after clicking on it through the widget.

      Picture shows the Click sand No Add to Cart boxes highlighted

    • Add to Carts & Abandoned: 'Add to Carts' are when the customer takes the item they clicked on, through the widget, into their cart. 'Abandonments' occur if the customer does not check out with this product.

      Picture shows the Add to Carts and Abandoned boxes highlighted

    • Items Ordered & Widget Revenue: Both of these are calculated when the customer checks out with a product that has been added to their cart from the widget.

      Picture shows the Items Ordered and Widget Revenue boxes highlighted

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