Create and Edit Your Campaigns


Pro Tip

Campaigns are not required to allow your customers to earn points. This is determined through the app's earning rules.

Campaigns give you the ability to offer bonus points or point multipliers to your customers during a specific time frame.

Bonus Points are provided to your customers on a per-purchase basis. Point Multipliers take your customer's normal earnings on purchases during this time frame, and multiply them by the specified number.

To create and edit your campaigns, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points

  3. Select Campaigns.

    Select Referral Program

  4. Select Create New Campaign.

    Select Create New Campaign

  5. Select the campaign type, enter an internal name, change the points multiplier/bonus points, and set the date range.

    Change Campaign

  6. Select Create Campaign.

    Create Campaign

  7. To edit the campaign, select the ellipsis beside the campaign.

    Select Ellipsis

  8. Select Edit Campaign.

    Edit Campaign

  9. Adjust the campaign settings accordingly and select Edit Campaign.

    Note: Campaigns can be turned off in bulk by selecting the toggle switch beside "Campaigns are enabled". This will stop all campaigns from running on the storefront.

    Select Edit Campaign

That's it!

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