Change your Email Notifications

Pro Tip

Images/logos can be placed in your emails from under the "Insert" header.

Loyalty Points includes pre-defined email templates to use for your customers. The app also gives you the flexibility to edit the emails that are sent to your customers when certain actions are taken with your program; to ensure they are brand appropriate for your store.

To edit these templates, follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Loyalty Points by Bold.

    Select Loyalties

  3. Select Settings, then Email Notifications.

    Settings/Email Notifications

  4. Select the ellipsis beside the email you want to adjust.

    Note: The toggle switch under the "Status" header allows you to enable or disable specific emails.

    Select Ellipsis

  5. Select Edit Template.

    Note: You can change where your emails are sent from by adjusting the "From (Email)" field

    Select Edit Template

  6. Adjust your template accordingly.

    Note: Select "Preview Email Template" to see what the message looks like on your customer's end. You can edit the HTML code of the email by selecting the "< >" icon.


  7. Select Save Changes.

    Save Changes

That's it!

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