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Images/logos can be placed in your emails by selecting the Insert option.


Loyalty Points includes pre-written email templates that you can use to send action emails to your customers. The app also gives you the flexibility to edit these emails, so you can completely customize what customers will receive. Change the language, better match your branding, or make any other adjustments to make the email totally your own.

To edit these templates, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select the Apps option on the left-hand side of your Shopify admin

  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points from your list of apps

  3. Select Settings, then Email Notifications.

    From the side navigation bar, select Settings. From within the Settings dropdown menu, select Email Notifications (fourth from the top).

  4. Select the ellipsis beside the email you want to adjust.

    Note: The toggle switch under the "Status" header allows you to enable or disable specific emails.

    To the far-right of the email you'd like to adjust, select the ellipsis under Actions. Picture also shows the toggle to the immediate left of the email Name (under Status) turned on

  5. Select Edit Template.

    Note: You can change where your emails are sent from by adjusting the "From (Email)" field

    From the ellipsis dropdown menu, select Edit Template (first option)

  6. Adjust your template accordingly.

    Note: Select "Preview Email Template" to see what the message looks like on your customer's end. You can edit the HTML code of the email by selecting the "< >" icon.

    Picture shows the different areas you can adjust the template, including the Email Subject, the Preview Email Template button, and the Email Body

  7. Select Save Changes.

    In the top-right corner, select Save Changes

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