Customize Your Storefront Widget


Loyalty Points allows you to change the look of your storefront widget. This lets you match your store's color scheme and branding. You can add your own logo and preview the widget that will be shown to your customers.

Here's how to customize the widget:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select the Apps option on the left-hand side of your Shopify admin

  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points from your list of apps

  3. Select Settings, then Storefront Widget.

    From the side navigation bar, select Settings. From within the Settings dropdown menu, select Storefront Widget (second option down)

  4. Select the colors you want to use.

    Note: Selecting the colour boxes under the "Custom Theme" section allows you to choose a custom colour, using either a hexidecimal (HEX) colour code or from a colour wheel.

    Choose the colors for your foreground, background, and accent

  5. Select the widget position and widget style. Then, choose the logged in appbar greeting.

    In the Display Settings section, select the dropdown menu for the Widget Position on the left-hand side (bottom-left, bottom-center, or bottom-right). To the right of that dropdown menu, choose the Widget Style (another dropdown menu: icon and text, , text only, or icon only). Underneath the Widget Position, select the Logged In Appbar Greeting (text, icon, or none)

    • Text: This will display a message to the sign-in user, pulling the [first_name] information from your store's data. You can adjust the message in the app's language settings.

      Logged in appbar greeting: Text

    • IconThis will display the "floating widget icon" that you have uploaded in the Custom Icons section in Step 11.

      Picture of the floating widget icon at the top of the widget

    • None: This won't display anything at the top of the bar.

      Picture of no appbar greeting

  6. Select Hide widget on mobile devices (optional).

    Picture of the hide widget checkbox

  7. Select Remove Bold branding (optional).

    Note: This feature is only available with certain price tiers.

    Picture of the remove branding checkbox

  8. Adjust the widget's custom styling (optional).

    Within the Custom Styling section, you can adjust the following, in pixels (left to right, top to bottom): side margin, bottom margin, border radius button, border radius widget (and, at the bottom, the page depth)

  9. Select Use different settings for mobile users (optional).

    Select the Use different settings for mobile users checkbox in the Widget Positioning section

  10. Adjust the widget's mobile styling.

    Make changes to the Mobile Styling if you want it to look different on mobile (left to right, top to bottom): mobile screen position (bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right), mobile widget style (icon and text, text only, icon only), side margin (pixels), bottom margin (pixels), fullscreen margin (pixels)

  11. Select Choose File to upload your own logo (optional).

    Note: This feature is only available with certain price tiers.

    First set of custom icons list

    • Floating widget icon: This is what will appear at the top of your Loyalty Points widget, if you chose "Icon" for the logged in appbar greeting in Step 5.
    • Initial program icon: This will show to customers in the widget, when they click to sign up for your program.
    • Logged in program icon: This will show up in the widget beside your program overview. It is essentially your loyalty program's logo.
    • Reward icon: This will appear in your widget under "Rewards".

    Second set of custom custom icons list

    • Reward claimed icon: This will appear in your widget under "Rewards", beside any rewards a customer has claimed.
    • Earning icon: This appears in the widget underneath the "Ways to Earn" section.
    • Social media icon: This will appear next to any social media-related earning rules within the widget.
    • New referral image: New, successful referrals will see this image on a landing page.
  12. Select Save Changes.

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