Request a Multi-Currency Installation


Any other currency conversion apps or software should be disabled on your site before using Multi-Currency. Using two conversion apps at the same time can cause conflicts with how the currency displays on the site.

Multi-Currency requires a Liquid code installation to ensure the app functions correctly on the storefront.

Note: Visit Multi-Currency Code Install Instructions if you feel comfortable enough with Liquid code to complete this install yourself. 

To request an installation from our team, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Multi-Currency.

    Select Multi-Currency

  3. Select the question mark in the upper right hand corner.


  4. Select Install code on theme.


  5. Select one of the following installation options:


    • Expert Install: This creates a ticket request with our installations team. All of these requests are completed manually on a rotational basis. You will be asked to confirm which theme you would like this coding to be installed on after selecting this option.

      Note: The turnaround time for install requests performed by our team is 2-4 business days.


    • Automatic Install: This is our recommended option for installing the app. This will trigger our robotic installer to perform an automatic installation. You will be asked to confirm which theme you would like this coding to be installed on after selecting this option.

      Note: You're able to revert the installation in the off-chance that our robo-installer is not able to install correctly on your selected theme. Selecting this option will roll your theme back to its previous state. An installation request will also be created for our team to complete manually.


    • Manual Install: This option will redirect you to our Multi-Currency Install Instructions to have you perform a manual installation.

      Note: This option is only suggested if you have a strong knowledge of Liquid coding.


That's it!

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