Cashier Payment Gateways FAQ


Here are some of the most common questions regarding using payment gateways with Bold Cashier. Select the question to view the answer.

Note: Visit Supported Payment Gateways in Cashier to see which gateway providers the app is currently compatible with.

Certain payment gateway providers allow your customers to use these types of cards. You'll need to check with your individual gateway provider to verify this. Some features of Cashier may not be compatible with debit-credit and pre-paid credit card payments, including Upsell after Checkout and Bold Subscriptions.

You will need to check with your payment gateway for details about currency conversion. Some payment gateways allow currency conversion and some do not. The currency that your payment gateway account uses can also effect whether or not you're able to convert currencies.

Cashier uses an integration with Braintree (a PayPal service) to allow you to accept PayPal payments through its checkout. Braintree, on its own, does not convert currencies. However, you can create sub-accounts with them to allow you to accept multiple currencies.

Visit Using Braintree with Multi-Currency for more information on this integration.

Please contact our Merchant Success team if you require any additional assistance with this feature.

Depending on which payment gateway you use, fraud detection services may be available to use in the Cashier checkout. Due to the way that Cashier processes payments, by tokenizing/vaulting the credit card, some payment gateways may mark the payment as declined no matter what.

Anytime Cashier uses a tokenized/vaulted payment, fraud detection services, like AVS (Address Verification Services) or CVV validation, will not be able to be used as that information is not stored within the payment token. The features that use a tokenized payment include, but are not limited to, Bold Subscriptions, Upsell after Checkout and Stored Credit Cards.

Many payment gateways will have a list of restricted businesses, these businesses will not be able to use their payment gateway to process payments. These business are restricted because they are shown to have a higher chargeback rate. Here is some information regarding restricted businesses for different payment gateways:

We have found that is more lenient with the businesses that they approve, as long as you have a merchant service provider that allows the sale of those products/services.

For any other payment gateways, please reach out to their support team for more information.

Bold Cashier will occasionally add support for a new payment gateway. Please check Supported Payment Gateways in Cashier to see if your payment gateway of choice has been added.

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