Enable Customer Specific Pricing & Quantity Breaks


Customer Specific Pricing needs to be using the Draft Orders Method to allow the Quantity Breaks module to be enabled on your store. This option will be hidden if your site is using the Variant Method.

Customer Specific Pricing gives you the ability to install Quantity Breaks on your store from directly within its admin. Together, these two apps allow you to offer quantity based discounts to your wholesale customers.

Here's how to enable this on your site through the module:

  1. From Shopify's Admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing).

    Select Customer Pricing

  3. Select Settings, then Account Plans.

    Settings/Account Plans

  4. Hover over the "Quantity Breaks" section and select Turn On.

    Quantity Breaks/Turn On

  5. Select Update Plan.

    Select Update Plan

  6. Select Approve Charge.

    Note: Monthly charges may vary based on the number of modules enabled.

    Select Approve Charge

  7. Select Accept on the "Terms & Conditions" page.

    Select Accept

  8. Select one of the following installation options:

    Liquid Install Options

    • Liquid Installation Guide: This option will redirect you to our Customer Specific Pricing Install Instructions to have you perform a manual installation.

      Note: This option is only suggested if you have a strong knowledge of Liquid coding.

      Select Liquid Installation Guide

    • Automatic Liquid Install (Beta): This will trigger our robotic installer to perform an automatic installation. You will be asked to confirm which theme you would like this coding to be installed on after selecting this option.

      Note: You're able to revert the installation in the off-chance that our robo-installer is not able to install correctly on your selected theme. Selecting this option will roll your theme back to its previous state. An installation request will also be created for our team to complete manually.

      Select Automatic Liquid Install

    • Installation Support: This creates a ticket request with our installations team. All of these requests are completed manually on a rotational basis. You will be asked to confirm which theme you would like this coding to be installed on after selecting this option.

      Note: The turnaround time for install requests performed by our team is 2-4 business days.

      Select Installation Support

That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I disable Customer Specific Pricing and still use Quantity Breaks?

  • Yes, you can turn off Customer Specific Pricing's modules and use Quantity Breaks exclusively. We don't recommend removing the code associated with Customer Specific Pricing as both apps use relatively the same coding to function correctly.

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