Create and Edit Your Custom Rewards


Loyalty Points allows you to create Custom Rewards for your customers. This gives you the flexibility of offering non-monetary rewards, such as free merchandise, social media shout outs, or exclusive access when your customers earn enough points to redeem the reward.

Any Custom Reward you create must be handled manually by the merchant. Loyalty Points is not able to fulfill these rewards through its admin.

Note: Custom Rewards are not available on all price plans.

Here's how to create and edit these Custom Rewards:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points

  3. Select Rewarding Customers, then Custom Rewards.

    Select Rewarding Customers/Custom Rewards

  4. Select Create Custom Reward.

    Select Create Custom Reward

  5. Enter a Reward Name.

    Note: This is the title your customers will see when going to select their rewards.

    Enter Reward Name

  6. Select the Reward Cost.

    Reward Cost

  7. Enter a Reward Description.

    Note: This is what your customers will see when they go to view the details of your Custom Reward.

    Enter Reward Description

  8. Enable the This reward requires additional information from the customer setting (optional).

    Note: This setting allows your customers to specify reward information like size and colour. Only enable this if it is required for your Custom Reward.

    Enter Additional Info

  9. Enable the Limit the number of times each customer can redeem setting and enter a number (optional).

    Note: This setting limits the number of times a specific customer can claim this reward.

    Enabkle Redemption Limit

  10. Enable the Limit the number of times all customers can redeem setting and enter a number (optional).

    Note: This setting limits the total number of times customers can claim this reward. This is useful if you only want to offer this Custom Reward a set number of times (ie: 100 limited edition t-shirts).

    Enable Global Redemption Limit

  11. Select Save.

    Note: The fulfillment for this reward must be done manually by the store owner.

    Select Save

  12. To edit a Custom Reward, select the ellipsis on the reward you want to adjust.

    Select Ellipsis

  13. Select Edit Reward.

    Select Edit Reward

  14. Adjust the reward accordingly and select Save.

    Note: This will only impact future rewards. Any customers who have already redeemed this reward will not be affected.

    Adjust/Select Save

That's it!

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