Benefits of Version 1 & Version 2


The features for each version of the app are exclusive of each other. Not all features available in Version 1 are included in Version 2.

Loyalty Points now offers two different versions of the app for installation.

These are the main differences between the two versions:

Version 1

These features are only available with Version 1 of the app:

  • Bonus events (ie dates, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Redemption multipliers
  • Product exclusions
  • Welcome modal
  • Earning tiers
  • Friend referral

The redemption process takes place on the product page once the customer has accumlated enough points.

This version uses multiple pages (account, product, and cart) to show the customer their loyalty information.

Version 1's price plans are based on how many active subscribers are using your loyalty program.

The liquid installation for this version is much larger in comparison to Version 2.

Cashier's integration (link) with Version 1 offers more flexibility for your customers to redeem their rewards. This includes features like multiple product and shipping cost redemption.

Version 2

These features are only available with Version 2 of the app:

  • Coupon codes
  • Earn on birthdays
  • Campaigns
  • Custom Rewards

Version 2's price plans are feature based and will charge you relative to increases in your active subscriber base. Visit Price Tiers and Features for more information.

This version uses a storefront widget to showcase the customer's loyalty information. They're able to sign up and login through the widget. They can also see their earnings, rewards, and coupons through the widget.