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Loyalty Points gives you the ability to let customers redeem their reward points on a direct point-to-dollar-amount ratio. This allows them to manually select how much of a reward they wish to redeem their current balance for (ie. use 175 points for $3.50 off their purchase).

When enabled, the storefront widget will show the customer the value of their current reward points in a redeemable dollar amount.

Depending on the mode you select, they can either redeem these as a coupon code, or pay with their points directly in the checkout.

Here's how to set up and enable this for your store:

  1. From Shopify's Admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points

  3. Select Rewarding Customers, then Buy With Points.

    Select Rewarding Customers/Buy With Points

  4. Select one of the following options:

    Buy with Points Options

    • Use Dynamic Discount codes: Customers are able to select how much of a reward they would like through the storefront widget. This displays a slider on the storefront widget for them to select their discount amount. This method creates a single-use coupon code for the customer to redeem when they go to check out from the site.

      Note: These coupons cannot be combined with other discount codes.

      Widget Code Selection

    • Allow customers to use points in checkout: Customers are given the ability to directly pay for their purchase, using reward points, within Bold Cashier's checkout. This method displays an additional payment option that allows your customers to specify how many points they wish to redeem for their current purchase. They're able to pay for products, taxes, and shipping with this redemption method.

      Note: If you already have Cashier installed, you just need to enable Loyalty Points within the Marketplace. Visit Loyalty Points & Cashier Integration for more information on how to do this.

      Pay with Bold Bucks Example

  5. Select a Point Value.

    Note: This amount is how many points your customers must redeem per dollar (ie. 50 points = $1.00).

    Change Point Value

  6. Select Enable.

    Select Enable

  7. Select Save Changes.

    Select Save Changes

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