Loyalty Points & Shopify POS Integration

Version 2 of Bold Loyalty Points now offers a direct integration with the Shopify POS sales channel. With the buy with points feature enabled, your customers will be able purchase a product with their points, in-person.

It is important to note that you must have all of the following on your Shopify store before proceeding with the remainder of this guide:

  1. Bold Cashier installed on your store.
  2. Version 2 of Bold Loyalty Points installed on your store.
  3. Buy with points set to Allow customers to use points in the checkout.

Please visit both links below for more information.


Bold Cashier is required in order to use Shopify POS with version 2 of Bold Loyalty Points. At this time, Bold Cashier is unavailable for installation via Shopify due to the re-evaluations and restrictions on third-party payments processed by third-party checkouts.

If you have installed Bold Cashier prior to January 20th, 2020, you will be able to continue using the app as it is grandfathered on your store.



Storefront Example

This option is located in the top right corner of the POS checkout screen:

Redeem Customer's Points

When selected, this will present you with another screen to choose how many points the customer wishes to redeem on their purchase:

Redemption Portal

Loyalty Points can also use Shopify's discount codes to offer your customers redeemable coupons once they reach a certain amount of points.

Your customers are then able to claim these coupons through your online store and redeem them in-person through your Shopify POS system. The coupon codes can also be emailed directly to them.

This will only work correctly if you've connected your store to the Shopify POS sales channel. The POS system needs to be able to recognize the created coupon code within the Shopify admin in order for the customer to receive their discount.

Please visit Using Discount Codes for more information on how this works.

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