Install Bold Cashier


Bold Cashier is a powerful checkout that can provide additional checkout functionalities when your customers go to pay for their order.

To install Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bold Cashier page.
  2. Select Install App.

    Select Install App

  3. Select Choose Your eCommerce Platform.

    Select Choose eCommerce Platform

  4. Select BigCommerce.

    Select BigCommerce

  5. Enter your .mybigcommerce URL.

    Enter Your BigCommerce URL

  6. Select Install App.

    Note: You will be redirected to your BigCommerce admin.

    Select Install App

  7. Select Install.

    Select Install - Cashier

  8. Select the checkbox on the PCI compliance page.

    Select PCI Compliance

  9. Select Confirm to accept the app's permissions.

    Select Confirm

  10. Select Accept & Continue on the "Terms and Conditions" page.

    Select Accept & Continue

  11. From BigCommerce's admin, select Storefront.

    Select Storefront

  12. Select the ellipsis on your desired theme.

    Select Ellipsis

  13. Select Edit Theme Files.

    Note: BigCommerce does not allow you to edit the original version of a theme. Visit Editing Stencil Theme Files for more information on how to duplicate your themes.

    Select Edit Theme Files

  14. Navigate to templates/layout/base.html.


  15. Copy and paste this code (load-cashier-script.js) below the {{{footer.scripts}}} line.

    Insert Cashier Loader Script

  16. Select Save File.

    Select Save File

That's it!

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