Multi-Currency Code Install Instructions


Any other currency conversion apps or software should be disabled on your site before using Multi-Currency. Using two conversion apps at the same time can cause conflicts with how the currency displays on the site.

To install Multi-Currency on BigCommerce, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Multi-Currency page.
  2. Select Install App.

    Select Install App

  3. Select Choose Your eCommerce Platform.

    Select Choose Ecommerce Platform

  4. Select Big Commerce.

    Select BigCommerce

  5. Enter your .mybigcommerce URL.

    Enter Your BigCommerce URL

  6. Select Install App.

    Note: You will be redirected to your BigCommerce admin.

    Select Install App

  7. Select Install.

    Select Install

  8. Select Confirm to accept the app's permissions.

    Select Confirm

That's it!

After installing Multi-Currency, it's important to verify that the app is functioning correctly on the storefront.

Here's how to verify the app's functionality on the site:

  1. Add a Currency in Multi-Currency.
  2. Navigate to your storefront.
  3. Select the currency picker.
  4. Select a currency other than your store's default currency.
  5. Navigate to each area of the site that displays the store's currency. (ie product pages, collection pages, quick views, pop-up carts. cart page, etc.)

That's it! If the currency did not show correctly in any of these places, please contact our Merchant Success team for further assistance.

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