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Any other currency conversion apps or software should be disabled on your site before using Multi-Currency. Using two conversion apps at the same time can cause conflicts with how the currency displays on the site.

To install Multi-Currency on BigCommerce, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bold Everywhere website:
  2. Select Get Started.

    Select Get Started

  3. Select Install on the "Multi-Currency" section.

    Select Install

  4. Select Big Commerce.

    Select Big Commerce

  5. Enter your .mybigcommerce URL.

    Note: The URL entered in this section must be your internal URL (ie: store-43de0lmqep).

    Enter URL

  6. Select Install.

    Note: You will be redirected to your BigCommerce admin.

    Select Install

  7. Select Install again.

    Select Install

  8. Select Confirm to accept the app's permissions.

    Select Confirm

That's it!

Most of Multi-Currency's assets are uploaded automatically when the app is installed. However, the app's theme hooks need to added manually in order for the rounding rules to work correctly.

Here's how to add these hooks in the correct places:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Storefront.

    Select Storefront

  2. Select the ellipsis on your desired theme.

    Select Ellipsis

  3. Select Edit Theme Files.

    Note: BigCommerce does not allow you to edit the original version of a theme. Visit Editing Stencil Theme Files for more information on how to duplicate your themes.

    Select Edit Theme Files

  4. Navigate to templates/components/cart.

    Select templates/components/cart

  5. Select content.html.

    Note: These file names may not be the same across all themes. Please contact our Merchant Success team if you are unfamiliar with editing Stencil themes.

    Select content.html

  6. Find a line containing 'cart.checkout.price'.

    Find cart.checkout.price

  7. Copy and paste the following code above this line:
    <span class="Bold-theme-hook-DO-NOT-DELETE bold_cart_item_price" style="display:none !important;"></span>

    Code cart.checkout.price

  8. Find a line similar to ''.


  9. Copy and paste the following code above this line:
    <span class="Bold-theme-hook-DO-NOT-DELETE bold_cart_item_total" style="display:none !important;"></span>


  10. From your theme editor admin, select totals.html.

    Select totals.html

  11. Find a line similar to 'cart.checkout.grand_total'.

    Find cart.checkout.grand_total

  12. Copy and paste the following code above the div class:

    Note: The div class should look similar to <div class="cart-total-label">.

    <span class="Bold-theme-hook-DO-NOT-DELETE bold_cart_total" style="display:none !important;"></span>

    Code cart.checkout.grand_total

  13. Select Save All Files.

    Select Save All Files

That's it!

After installing Multi-Currency, it's important to verify that the app is functioning correctly on the storefront.

Here's how to verify the app's functionality on the site:

  1. Add a Currency in Multi-Currency.
  2. Navigate to your storefront.
  3. Select the currency picker.
  4. Select a currency other than your store's default currency.
  5. Navigate to each area of the site that displays the store's currency. (ie product pages, collection pages, quick views, pop-up carts. cart page, etc.)

That's it! If the currency did not show correctly in any of these places, please contact our Merchant Success team for further assistance.

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