Set up Tax Settings in Cashier


Pro Tip

If you don't want to charge tax, delete the current tax zones.

For Bold Cashier to charge taxes on your products, the tax settings must be specified within the app's admin.

To enter your tax settings in Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Cashier.

    Select Bold Cashier

  3. Select Payment Options, then Tax Settings.

    Payment Options/Tax Settings

  4. Under "Tax Preferences", choose:
    • Taxes are included in the price of my products; or
    • Use default tax settings.

      Note: With the default tax settings we will calculate taxes based on the most up-to-date live rates we have available.

    Tax Preferences

  5. Select Create Custom or Use Preset, then Create Zone.

    Select Zone Type

    • Create Custom - Allows you to set custom tax rates for a single or group of countries.

      Note: Selecting Cashier on the "Choose your tax provider" option will automatically pull the most up to date tax rates we have for the selected countries.

      Custom Tax Zones

    • Use Preset - Allows you to select predetermined tax rates on a per country basis, then save the group as a whole.

      Preset Tax Zones

That's it!

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