Refund a Bold Checkout Order



To refund an order placed through Bold Checkout, please follow these steps:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Checkout.

    Select Bold Checkout

  3. Select Orders, then All Orders.

    Select Orders, then All Orders

  4. Select the Refund button beside the order you wish to refund.

    Note: You can use the search bar on this page to filter your orders by their number, email address, etc.

    Select Refund Button

  5. Enter a Refund quantity.

    Note: To issue a full refund here, select "Issue Full Refund" and skip the remaining steps.

    Enter Refund Quantity

  6. Enter a Restock quantity (optional).

    Enter Restock Quantity

  7. Enter a $ amount next to "Shipping refund" if you would like to refund a full or partial shipping charge.

    Enter Shipping Refund

  8. Enter a refund reason.

    Enter a Refund Reason

  9. Select Send an email notification to the customer.

    Select Send Email Notification to Customer

  10. Select Refund $XX.XX.

    Select Refund $XX.XX

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