Multi-Currency & Bold Checkout Integration



Multi-Currency requires a set-up payment gateway within Bold Checkout in order to accept multiple currencies on the storefront. Bold Checkout is currently integrated with these payment gateway providers.


Multi-Currency gives your customers the flexibility to pay in the currency of their choice.

You can use as many payment gateways as you want on the site and map different gateways to different currencies (ex: have CAD payments go to a CAD gateway, etc.).

Multi-Currency can display any currency on your storefront; the only limitation is which currencies your payment gateway(s) can accept.

Note: The payment gateway for your desired currency must be set up within Bold Checkout before continuing with this guide. Multi-Currency is not able to map currency payments to a specific gateway unless it's enabled in Bold Checkout first. Please visit Set up a Payment Gateway in Bold Checkout for more information.

Here's how to enable this functionality on your site:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Checkout.

    Select Bold Checkout

  3. Select Marketplace.

    Select Marketplace

  4. Select Enable on the "Multi-Currency" option.

    Select Enable

  5. Navigate back to the "Apps" section of your BigCommerce admin and select Multi-Currency.

    Select Multi-Currency

  6. Select the gear icon next to the currency you want to accept on the storefront.

    Select Gear Icon

  7. Select the "Specify a payment gateway for this currency" dropdown and choose the payment gateway that can accept this currency.

    Specify Gateway

  8. Save the currency settings.

    Saving Settings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all payment gateways convert currencies?

  • Not all payment gateways convert currencies. Some only convert certain currencies, and not all gateways will work for your needs. We strongly suggest researching what payment gateway providers offer in terms of currency conversion and other features.

Can I create a draft order and send it to a customer in their own currency?

  • The currency used by Bold Checkout is defined by the currency that is being viewed on the cart before checking out. If you send your customer a draft order, it will use the store’s default currency.

Can I use PayPal with Multi-Currency and still allow customers to checkout in their desired currency?

  • Yes, you can set up a Braintree/PayPal account. You will need to create sub-accounts for the different currencies you want to accept (Braintree/PayPal can accept approximately 25 currencies) and connect those sub-accounts to Cashier.

Can I have a specific price on my products for different currencies?

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