Bold Upsell's Dashboard Metrics



Bold Upsell offers various analytics for tracking the performance of your offers.

Here's how to access this section and navigate the analytics:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.


  2. Select Product Upsell.

    Select Upsell

  3. Here you're able to see an overview of how your offers are performing:

    Note: You're able to manually select the reporting date range in the top right corner of this section.


    • Views: Each time an offer is presented to the customer it is counted as a view. Views are counted regardless of whether or not the customer accepts the offer.

      With Upsell's "Funnels" feature, the views are counted each time a funnel offer is shown. For example: A three-funnel offer is shown; the customer views all three offers; three views are counted in the dashboard.

      The entire funnel is only counted as one view towards your plan views.


    • Added To Cart: This stat is counted when a customer adds a product to their cart from the offer window. These adds are only calculated on a per-offer basis. For example: Your offer contains three products; the customer adds all three products to their cart; one add to cart is added to the dashboard.

      Upsell's "Funnels" feature treats each offer in the funnel as its own. For example: A three-funnel offer is shown to the customer; they add nine products to their cart (three per offer); three add to carts are added to the dashboard.

      Added to Cart

    • Conversions: This is calculated in the same way "add to carts" are counted. One conversion is added to the dashboard for each offer the customer checks out with on the storefront. For example: The customer accepts two products from different offers on the storefront; they check out with both products; two conversions are calculated in the dashboard.

      The "Funnels" feature also counts conversions on a per-offer basis. For example: A three-funnel offer is shown to the customer; they add nine products to their cart (three per offer), three conversions are counted in the dashboard.


    • Revenue: The revenue is counted by adding the value of the purchased offer products together. Only items that converted through the checkout are counted as revenue. For example: A customer has two $10 offer products in their cart; they only check out with one of the items; $10 in revenue is calculated in the dashboard.


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