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This feature needs to be turned on within Bold Upsell in order to use it. This can be enabled within Upsell under Settings > Account Settings.


Bold Upsell gives you the ability to create funnels for your offers. Funnels let you set up conditional logic to display additional items to your customers after the initial offering.

The next offer in the funnel will show if the customer accepts any of the products in the previous offer. Customers will always see the first offer in the funnel, regardless of whether or not they accept the initial offering. However, once a customer declines an offer in the funnel process, it will only display the next funnel offer to them before stopping.

Note: Discounted products that are offered in a Funnel may allow the customer to remove the trigger item and still receive the discounted product.

To see a live example of Upsell Funnels, visit our demo store and add the espresso machine to your cart.

Here's a diagram of the funnel offer flow:

Funnel Diagram

If multiple funnel offers are triggered at the same time, Upsell will display the most recently modified offer. This means that the last saved funnel offer will show to your customers if they trigger multiple funnel offers at once.

Funnels created as an upsell offer will use only the initial offering as a true upsell. This will replace the customer's selected product with the one they select in the window. Every offer after that in the funnel will act as a cross-sell and will add the additional items to their cart.

Funnel offers can be created while you're setting up an upsell or cross-sell offer; there's just a few additional steps needed to create the offer flow:

Here's an example of a true Upsell Funnel:


Visit Enable the Upsell Funnels Feature for more information on how to enable this for your store.

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