Activate the Manage Subscriptions Page 2.0

Bold Subscriptions gives your customers the flexibility to manage their own subscriptions. The new "Manage Subscriptions" page offers a more intuitive design to make it even easier for your customers to adjust their subscriptions.

Your customers are able to add, remove, and substitute products in their subscription orders. They're also able to change their address, payment, and order date information.




  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.
  3. Select Settings, then Manage Subscriptions Page.

    Select Settings/Manage Subscriptions Page

  4. Select Enable Page Customization & Preview.

    Note: You can preview the manage subscription page by enabling this option, selecting Save Changes, then choose Preview Page.

    Preview MSP

  5. Select Launch New Manage Subscriptions Page.

    Launch New MSP

  6. Select Save Changes.

    Select Save Changes

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