Bold Loyalty Points V1 & V2 Comparison

Bold Loyalty Points V1 allows you to offer your customers points in return for their money spent. Your customers can then use these points to purchase more product from your store.

This article outlines the primary differences between Loyalty Points V1 and V2.



Benefits of Version 2

Version 2 of Bold Loyalty Points allows you access to a newer version of the app and a wide variety of different features you can use for your customers.

Below are features only available with Version 2 of the app:

Its price plans are feature-based and will charge you an amount based on your active subscriber base. Please visit Price Tiers and Features for more information.

Version 2 of Bold Loyalty Points also offers a customizable storefront widget to show your customers their loyalty information. Your customers will be able to sign up and log-in through the widget, as well as view and claim their earnings, rewards, and coupons.

To update your Loyalty Points app, please follow the steps below.




This step requires technical knowledge of Liquid code. If you are not comfortable with this, please contact our Merchant Success team for further assistance.

It is important to note that it is not possible to revert back to version 1 when you have successfully been upgraded to version 2.

Please ensure you are 100% ready to perform the upgrade, before the upgrade is made. Once version 1 has been removed from your store, you will not be able to reinstall it.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.
  3. Select Customers.
  4. Select Export.

    Select Export

  5. Select the CSV file and open with Excel or comparable software.

    Note: We highly recommend making a copy of this file

    Select CSV File

  6. Delete all columns, except:
    • Email Address
    • Points Balance

    Edit CSV File

  7. Change the Email Address and Points Balance fields to Email and Balance.

    Edit Name Fields

  8. Select Save.

    Select Save

  9. Navigate back to the Loyalty Points app admin and select Program Settings.
  10. Select Base Reward Points.
  11. Note your reward point values.

    Note: We suggest recording these in Notepad or similar software. These values will become important when you set up your loyalty program in version 2.

    Note Point Values

  12. Select Settings.

    Select Settings

  13. Select Global Settings.

    Select Global Settings

  14. Select Program is active for this shop to disable your loyalty program.

    Select Active Program

  15. Select Save.
  16. Contact our Merchant Success team and request a code removal.
  17. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  18. Next to Bold Loyalty Points, select Delete.

    Select Delete

  19. Select Uninstall.

    Select Uninstall

Version 1 has now been successfully removed from your store.

To continue upgrading to Version 2, please follow the steps below.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Visit Shopify App Store.
  3. Enter Bold Loyalty Points into the search bar.

    Enter Bold Loyalty Points

  4. Select the search icon.

    Select Search Icon

  5. Select Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points

  6. Select Add app.

    Select Add App

  7. Select Log in.

    Select Log In

  8. Select Continue With Latest Version.

    Select Continue With Latest Version

  9. Select Install app.
  10. Choose Select Plan on the plan that fits your store's needs.

    Note: Visit Price Tiers & Features for more information on the app's plan tiers.

  11. Select Approve charges.
  12. Select Accept and Continue.
  13. Setup a Loyalty Program.

    Note: We strongly suggest leaving your program turned off until you're able to make additional edits in the next steps.

  14. Import Customers in Loyalty Points.
  15. Get Started with Loyalty Points.
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