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Loyalty Points gives you the flexibility to segment your loyalty program customers into Customer Tiers. This allows you to provide various benefits to different groups of customers on your site based on whether they qualify for these tiers. You can use these tiers with other apps, such as Bold Memberships, Custom Pricing, or Bold Subscriptions, to automatically check for customer tags, or to set a customer tag. Tags can also be set manually in Shopify to create a manual grouping.

All of the qualifications that are set on a Customer Tier must be met for the customer to receive the tier's benefits. The qualifications for a Customer Tier will also apply retroactively. Loyalty Points listens for these changes roughly every five minutes. For example: If Customer A has spent over $1000 in the last 365 days and a tier is created with this as a qualifying rule, then Customer A will be placed into this Customer Tier.

When creating tiers, you can choose to create a default tier by selecting no qualifications and no benefits. You can use this to automatically include customers in a base tier without them needing to qualify.

Here's how to create and edit these tiers:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.

    Select Bold Loyalty Points

  3. Select Customer Tiers.

    Select Customer Tiers

  4. Select Add Customer Tier.

    Select Add Customer Tier

  5. Enter a Tier Name.

    Enter a Tier Name

  6. Select This is a hidden tier (optional).

    Note: This option is useful if you want to automatically include customers in this tier without displaying it. For example: Create a hidden tier to automatically give your Memberships' members double the points.

    Select Hidden Tier

  7. Select Enable tier upon creation? (optional).

    Select Enable Tier Upon Creation

  8. Select one or more Tier Qualifications:

    Tier Qualifications

    • Customer Tag: Customers that have a specific tag attached to their account will qualify for this Customer Tier. You can specify the tag name after enabling this option.

      Customer Tag

    • Large Order: Customers that place a single order over this amount will qualify for this tier. They must be signed into their account when placing the order to qualify. The order amount can be specified after enabling this option.

      Large Order

    • Order Volume: Customers that purchase more than the specified volume in the required timeframe will qualify for this tier. The timeframe is checked on a nightly basis.

      Order Volume

    • Total Points Earned: Customers who have earned at least this many loyalty points will qualify for the tier.

      Total Points Earned

  9. Select one or more Tier Benefits:

    Tier Benefits

    • Customer Tag: This customer tag will be added to the customer's account in Shopify.

      Customer Tag

    • Earning Multiplier: Any customers in this tier will have the program's earning rules multiplied by this ratio.

      Earning Multipliers

    • Bonus Points: Customers that qualify for this tier will have the specified number of points added to their account. This only applies once per lifetime of the tier.

      Bonus Points

  10. Select Add Customer Tier.

    Select Add Customer Tier

  11. To edit your Customer Tiers, select the ellipsis beside the tier.

    Note: The tier can be enabled by selecting the toggle switch beside the name of the tier.

    Select Ellipsis

  12. Select Edit Tier.

    Note: The numbers beside each Customer Tier are the order in which the app will check a customer's qualifications. Customers will be placed in the last tier they qualify for.

    Select Edit Tier

  13. Adjust the tier accordingly and select Save Customer Tier.

    Select Save Customer Tier

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