Yotpo & Bold Brain Integration


Bold Brain offers an integration with Yotpo to show your customers the top-rated products on your store. The widget is displayed on the bottom of your product pages.

Note: You will need an "App Key" and a "Secret Key" to connect your Yotpo account to Brain. This is generally located within your Yotpo account admin under Account Settings > Store.

Here's how to set this up on your site:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select the Apps option on the left-hand side of your Shopify admin

  2. Select Bold Brain.

    Select Bold Brain from your list of apps

  3. Select Widgets.

    From the side navigation bar, select Widgets

  4. Select Create New Widget.

    Along the top navigation, select Create New Widget

  5. Select Top Rated.

    Select Top Rated from the menu (second from the left, bottom row)

  6. Enter your Yotpo API Key.

    Note: Visit Finding your App Key and your Secret Key (links to Yotpo) for more information on how to find these keys.

    Under Yotpo API Key, enter your Yotpo API key

  7. Enter your Yotpo API Secret.

    Under Yotpo API Secret, enter your Secret API key from Yotpo

  8. Adjust the Widget Title (optional).

    In the widget customization section, enter in a title

  9. Select the Number of Items.

    Beow the title, you can select whether 3, 4, 5, or 6 products will be displayed in the widget

  10. Select Allow Free Products (optional).

    Select the allow free products checkbox if you want free products to show up in the widget

  11. Select Display Add to Cart Button (optional).

    Select the Display Add to Cart Button checkbox if you want there to be a button for customers to add items directly to their cart without being first redirected to the product page

  12. Adjust the Background Color (optional).
    Note: A separate color selection modal will pop-up when you select the background color box.

    Click the box underneath Background Color to choose from a color spectrum or enter a HEX code

  13. Select Save And Install.

    Note: Selecting "Save And Install" will automatically insert the widget's coding into your theme files and enable it on the storefront. Selecting Save will not place the widget on the storefront. You will need to install and activate it at a later time.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Save or Save and Install

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