Using Audiences with Mailchimp



You must use another app or service (links to Mailchimp) to synchronize your Shopify store into Mailchimp for this integration to work.


Bold Brain's Audiences feature gives you the ability to segment your customers into groups based on specific criteria.

Once a customer takes certain actions on your store, they're included in the Audience. These groups can then be used to target your email campaigns.

Note: If you haven't already, you'll need to set up your Audiences and connect your Mailchimp account in Brain. Visit Create and Edit Audiences in Bold Brain and Mailchimp & Bold Brain Integration for more information on how to set these up.

To use your Audiences with Mailchimp, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Brain.

    Select Bold Brain

  3. Select Audiences.

    Select Audiences

  4. Select the ellipsis beside the Audience you want to use.

    Select Ellipsis

  5. Select View Audience.

    Select View Audience

  6. Select Setup on the "Mailchimp segment" option.

    Select Setup

  7. Select Enable.

    Select Enable

  8. Wait for the audience sync to complete.

    Completed Sync

  9. Navigate to Mailchimp's homepage and select Log In.

    Select Login

  10. Enter your UsernamePassword, then select Log In.

    Enter Username/Password/Login

  11. Select Campaigns.

    Select Campaign

  12. Select Create Campaign.

    Select Create Campaign

  13. Select Email.

    Select Email

  14. Enter a Campaign Name, then select Begin.

    Enter Campaign Name/Select Begin

  15. Select Add Recipients.

    Select Add Recipients

  16. Under "List", select your store name.

    Select your Store

  17. Under "Segment or Tag", select the Audience you created in Brain.

    Note: Brain will append all of the tags that it makes for audiences with "(Brain)" at the end.

    Select the Audience

  18. Continue to follow the steps to Create a Regular Email Campaign (links to Mailchimp).

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