NoFraud & Cashier Integration


Bold Cashier is integrated with NoFraud to provide you with fraud detection services in its checkout. NoFraud offers powerful, automated fraud detection services to approve transactions that would normally be declined by other detection services.

Note: Cashier & NoFraud must be installed and set up on your Shopify store.

Cashier will pass the following information into the Shopify order attributes to determine whether an order is "safe" or not:

  • Customer's IP address
  • Credit card BIN
  • CVV result
  • AVS result

The exact attribute names and values will differ based on the payment gateway used for the order. All payment gateways will pass the customer's IP address to Shopify's order attributes. Only Stripe,, SagePay, and Braintree will also pass the credit card BIN, CVV result, and AVS result.

Once both apps are installed and set up on your site, please reach out to our Merchant Success team. Our team has to perform a few adjustments on our end to provide you with access to the integration.

Visit Bold + NoFraud for more information on this integration.

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