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Bold Brain gives you the ability to add a recommendation widget to your product pages. Generally, you can auto-install the widget when you go to activate it. However, there are some instances where you may want to install the widget on a back-up theme.

Note: This guide requires you to create your widget before proceeding with the installation. Visit Add a Recommendation Widget to Your Product Pages for more information on how to create a recommendation widget.

To manually install your Brain widget, please follow these steps:

  1. Add a Recommendation Widget to Your Product Pages.

    Note: In Step 7 of the above guide, select Save, and not Save And Install.

  2. From the "Recommendations Widget" page, select the ellipsis beside your desired widget.

    Select the ellipsis

  3. Select Install.

    Select Install

  4. Select Copy.

    Note: A message will appear to let you know the code has been successfully copied to your clipboard. You can also scroll to the side to locate the widget's ID.

    Select Copy

  5. Select Close.

    Select Close

  6. From Shopify's admin, select Online Store.

    Select Online Store

  7. Select Actions.

    Select Actions

  8. Select Edit code.

    Select Edit Code

  9. Under "Templates", select product.liquid.

    Note: This may be located under "Sections" in the product-template.liquid file.

    Select product.liquid

  10. Navigate to the bottom of this file and paste the code you copied in Step 4.

    Note: This should always go above the "schema" coding for the widget to display correctly.

    Paste Widget Code

  11. Select Save.

    Select Save

That's it!

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