Why are my recommendation widgets showing the same products?

Bold Brain relies heavily on your store's order information to build its product lists for the recommendation widgets. If you're using multiple widgets on the site, sometimes similar products will display across your widgets. This is because Brain can have a specific product fall into multiple widget categories when the app doesn't have sufficient enough order information.


We recommend against using multiple recommendation widgets on your site to avoid these types of issues.

For example, Products A, B, and C are listed on your site, and Product A was purchased over 100 times on the site in the last 90 days. You have seen little-to-no sales on the other two items. Because of this situation:

  • Product A was purchased more than any other item on your site, which would place it into the Most Frequently Bought category. 
  • Product A could have been a newer product on the site, which would make it a Recently Added item.
  • Having been purchased over 100 times, the odds are pretty good that Product A was bought with other items, meaning it would fall into the Related Products widget.
  • Product A would also fall into the Recently Bought category, as it was purchased over 100 times in the past 90 days.

The more traffic and orders your store receives, the more effective Brain will become at populating these widgets appropriately.

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