Why are customers not receiving their gift item?

There are a few different scenarios as to why a gift product may not work correctly in Bold Motivator. This article will outline some reasons why different goals may not work.



Motivator will place the gift product in the customer's cart after they have seen the congratulatory banner. The banner will show and then disappear before taking the customer to the cart page with their gift product inside.

If the customer doesn't wait for the banner, Motivator will not provide them with their gift item. The gift product would then have to be manually fulfilled by the store owner.

When you're running multiple goals with Bold Motivator, the app will display each active goal in a list on the storefront. As the customer adds more product(s) to their cart, they'll been shown the qualifying message for each goal in a list. Once the customer qualifies for one of the goals and the banner disappears, they'll be redirected to the cart page and receive their free gift.

If the customer doesn't wait for the banner to disappear before navigating elsewhere, they will not receive their gift item. They would have to remove a product and attempt to re-qualify to be offered the free product again.


We suggest keeping your display timer under 10 seconds when offering a free product for this reason.

As well, if the customer adds a product that is worth more than the lowest goal amount, the customer will only qualify for the goal closest to that product's value. For example: You have two goals, one at $50 and one at $100, the customer adds a product worth $125, the customer will only qualify for the $100 goal.

Bold Motivator requires a liquid code installation if you are planning on offering a free gift to your customers while on the Premium Plan, or your theme uses an AJAX cart. With AJAX, a cart will update without going to the actual cart page. The liquid code is needed to ensure the banner and free gift update correctly.

For more information on your options for installing the code, please visit Bold Motivator Install Instructions.

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