What do each of the widget types mean?



Bold Brain offers several different recommendation widget types to install on your site. They can display various groups of products to your customers based on the type of widget you select.

Below are the current widget types, how the product associations are calculated, and what they should display to your customers:

  • Most Frequently Bought: This widget will display the top products your customers are purchasing on your site. Brain adds up your products' number of purchases, then shows the top 3-6 that have been bought over the last 90 days.

  • Related Products: This widget displays the products that Brain believes are associated with the item the customer is currently viewing. The app does this by searching through your orders to find instances where this product was purchased with other items in the last 90 days. Brain will then show the top 3-6 items that have the most number of purchases with the product the customer is looking at. 

  • Recently Added: This will display 3-6 products that have been most recently published on your site. As you publish more items, the widget will push the older published products out of the widget.

  • Recently Viewed By You: The widget will hold onto the 3-6 most recently viewed products by the customer. As the customer views more items, the widget will take the oldest viewed products out of the display. 

  • Smart Widget: The "smart widget" will display different widgets to your customers on a rotational basis. The app will then decide which widget(s) are performing the best on the site and display these more frequently.

  • Top Rated: This widget uses your customers' product ratings through Yotpo. The app will take your best average review scores and show the top 3-6 rated products in the widget.

If Bold Brain is unable to make significant associations between your products, the app will attempt to "randomize" the items in the widgets.

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  • Thanks for this .. have one question out of the 5 is closest to something like this:

    Recommendation feature builds its results by using each customer’s purchasing behavior, comparing it with every other customer’s behavior, and finding customers with similar interests to rank products and show the product other users like "you" have been buying with the product you are looking at or if none, show products other users like you have been adding the cart.


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  • Hay Jacob!

    Thanks so much for reaching out :) The "Related Products" widget is probably the closest one to what you've described here. It compares previous customers' purchases of products that are related to the one they're currently viewing. However, it's not quite as personalized in that it doesn't take into account the current user's purchase profile; it just shows items that are most relevant to the one they're viewing based on other orders in your Shopify admin.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions from here and we'll be glad to assist!

    Knowledge Centre Manager

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