What do the Membership statuses mean?


Bold Memberships will mark your customers with different statuses depending on where they are in the billing process. The app does this to help you sort your customers by status, and better track who is and is not paying for your plans.

Below are the statuses your customers can be noted with, and what each of them mean:

  • Access and Payments Suspended: These customers have had both the billing and access of their membership plan paused. 

  • Active: These are customers who have been charged their first payment. Their accounts are in good standing and they are current, paying members.

  • Active, on Grace Period: These are customers who have not yet accepted any new billing terms that you may have laid out for them. This could either be a direct change to their own personal plan, or your membership plan as a whole. The app allows you to provide your customers with a grace period to accept the conditions before their plan is then cancelled. You can adjust the grace period in the app's general settings.

  • Active, on Remainder: Customers that have cancelled their plans in between billing periods are "Active, on Remainder". This is because they have already paid for their plan access up to a certain date. For example: Customer A is set to be charged on the 31st; they cancel their plan on the 15th; they would be "Active, on Remainder" from the 15th to the 31st.

  • Cancelled: These are former customers who are no longer paying for their membership plan. Their last month of billing has been paid out and they no longer have member access to your site.

  • Payments Suspended: These customers have had the billing for their membership plan paused.

  • Pending PayPal Activation: Customers who subscribe with a PayPal account that has not yet been activated will be indicated with this status.

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