Create a Buy One Get One (BOGO) After Checkout Offer



This offer type requires Bold Cashier to be set up and enabled. The feature must also be turned on and enabled within Cashier.

Bold Upsell works in conjunction with Bold Cashier to give you the ability to create "Upsell After Checkout" offers.

These offers are presented in Cashier's checkout after the customer has completed their order. They're then able to accept the additional, discounted product(s) offered to them and have it process in the same transaction as their main purchase.

Note: Cashier is able to "hold" the customer's billing information for up to five minutes. If the customer does not accept the offer within this timeframe, they are not able to receive the additional item(s).

To create a Buy One Get One After Checkout offer, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Product Upsell.

    Select Upsell

  3. Select Offers, then Create Offer.

    Select Offers/Create Offer

  4. Enter a name for your offer.

    Note: This is an internal name for your own reference.

    Name Offer

  5. Select Set A Trigger.

    Select Set A Trigger

  6. Select After checkout.

    Select After Checkout

  7. Choose Select Products.

    Choose Select Products

  8. Select ADD next to the product(s) you would like to trigger the offer.

    Note: You can also filter by collection, vendor, and product type. For detailed instructions on how to use the product selector, visit Use the Product Selector in an App. Deselecting the "Group variants by products" option and selecting search will allow you to choose individual variants to use in your offers.


  9. Select Continue with selected products.

    Continue With Selected Products

  10. Enter a quantity restriction (optional).

    Note: This is the minimum number of selected products the customer must have in their cart for the offer to trigger.

    Enter Quantity Restriction

  11. Select Set An Offer.

    Select Set An Offer

  12. Enter an offer title.

    Enter Title

  13. Enter an offer description.

    Enter Offer Description

  14. Choose Select Products.

    Choose Select Products

  15. Select ADD next to the offer product.

    select ADD

  16. Select Continue with selected products.

    Select Continue with selected products

  17. Select Allow customers to select more than one product in the offer (optional).

    Select Allow Multiple Products

  18. Select Offer customers an after checkout discount.

    Select Offer After Checkout Discount

  19. Enter a discount amount and select either a percentage or dollar amount.

    Note: The discount amount you set here will apply individually to each product offered in the upsell window.

    Enter Discount Amount & Select Percent or Dollar Amount

  20. Select Set another offer... on the "Offer declined" or "Offer accepted" option.

    Note: This option is only available if you have enabled Upsell's "funnels" feature. Visit Using Upsell Funnels for more information about this feature.

    Select Set Another Offer

  21. Repeat Steps 12 to 20 until your funnel conditions are satisfied.

    Set Funnel Conditions/Repeat Steps 12-18

  22. Select Set Date Range (optional).

    Select Set Date Range

  23. Enter a Start Date and End Date (optional).

    Enter Date Range

  24. Select Set Cart Price (optional).

    Select Set Cart Price

  25. Enter a Min cart total and a Max cart total (optional).

    Enter Cart Value

  26. Select Hide products that are out of stock (ie. Don't allow backorders) (optional).

    Select Hide Products

That's it!

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