Change Cashier's Language Settings


Pro Tip

Bold Cashier can support both Latin and Non-Latin languages. Only the country and state/province fields will not be translated.

Bold Cashier allows you to change the language that's displayed in your checkout. You can set default languages (English, Spanish, and French), customize the languages, and offer multiple languages to be selected by your customers.

Note: Cashier is now integrated with Yappn to provide automatic language translations for its checkout. Visit Yappn & Cashier Integration for more information on how to set this up.

Here's how to change this in Cashier:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.


  2. Select Bold Cashier.


  3. Select Settings, then Language Settings.

    Settings/Language Settings

  4. Select Import Languages or Create A Language

    Note: If you selected Import Languages, please visit Yappn & Cashier Integration for more information on how to import these languages. You can also edit a language by selecting the edit icon beside the language.

    Select Import Languages or Create A Language

  5. Enter a language name and adjust the verbiage accordingly.

    Adjust Language Settings

  6. Select Save.

    Select Save

That's it!

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