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This feature is only available on the Advanced plan tier. Please contact our Merchant Success team once you've upgraded your plan. There are some adjustments required on our end to enable certain features of the Advanced plan.

Bold Subscriptions allows you to create email campaigns in which you can offer discounted, one-time purchase product(s) to your current subscribers. If they choose to accept the offer, these product(s) are then added on and shipped in their next subscription order.

Note: You must have a paid Mailgun account in order to use this feature. Please visit Mailgun's account signup page for more information. This feature also requires Bold Cashier to function correctly. Please visit Get Started with Bold Cashier for more information on how to set up Cashier.

To create an Upsell by Email campaign, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders

  3. Select Enterprise Features, then Upsell by Email.

    Select Enterprise Features/Upsell by Email

  4. Select Create Campaign.

    Select Create Campaign

  5. Enter a Campaign Name.

    Enter Campaign Name

  6. Select the Campaign Duration.

    Select Campaign Duration

  7. Select your recipient group.

    Note: These are the customers who will receive your offer. You can select subscribers of a certain product, or a specific subscription group.

    Select Customers

  8. Select the email list.

    Note: Please ensure you're following all local legislation with regards to email marketing compliance.

    Select Marketing Group

  9. Select the Offer Product.

    Select Offer Product

  10. Select the Product Variant.

    Select Product Variant

  11. Select the Max quantity per customer.

    Select Max Purchase Amount

  12. Enter the Product Price.

    Enter Product Price

  13. Select Make this a feature product (optional).

    Select Make Feature Product

  14. Select Add Product.

    Select Add Product

  15. Repeat Steps 9 - 14 if you want to offer multiple products.

    Repeat Steps

  16. Select the Product Layout.

    Select Product Layout

  17. Enter the Email Lead Time.

    Select Lead Time

  18. Enter the Email Send Time.

    Select Send Time

  19. Enter a Sender Name.

    Enter Sender Name

  20. Enter the From Email Address.

    Enter From Email Address

  21. Enter an Email Subject.

    Enter Email Subject

  22. Adjust the Email Template accordingly.

    Note: You can send yourself a test email using the field below this template.

    Edit Email Template

  23. Enter an Offer Title.

    Note: You can adjust the CSS styling of your landing pages by selecting the customize the CSS hyperlink. Copy and paste the Upsell by Email Landing Page Template into this modal and adjust the CSS styling accordingly.

    Enter Offer Title

  24. Enter an Offer Message.

    Enter Offer Message

  25. Enter a Confirmation Page Message.

    Enter Confirmation Page Message

  26. Select Save Draft.

    Note: You're able to select Enable Campaign once you've saved the draft.

    Select Save Draft

That's it!

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