Turbo Theme Incompatibility Issues

Turbo is a popular Shopify theme developed by Out of the Sandbox. This theme offers two different performance settings; Ludicrous and Sport mode. Ludicrous mode offers additional performance enhancing features that will pre-load your store's pages when a customer hovers over a button or an icon.

Because of this, Ludicrous mode can cause some incompatibility issues with our apps and their functionalities on your storefront. You will generally need to reload the pages on your site in order to have our apps function or display correctly.

Note: Visit What's the difference between "Ludicrous" and "Sport" mode? (links to Out of the Sandbox) for more information.

The only way to avoid a refresh is to deselect "Ludicrous" and select the "Sport" transition speed.

To change the transition speed, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Online Store.

    Select Online Store

  2. Select Customize theme.

    Select Customize Theme

  3. Select General settings.

    Select General Settings

  4. Select Performance.

    Select Performance

  5. Under "Performance", select Sport.

    Select Sport

  6. Select Save.

    Select Save

That's it!

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