Change Your Price Plan in Bold Brain

Bold Brain offers a series of recommendation widgets that display different groups of products to your customers on the storefront. Your customers are able to view, select, and add products to their cart directly from the widgets.


The widgets are currently only available to clients on a paid plan tier. If you're still on a free plan tier after your trial period has ended, the app will stop displaying the widgets on your storefront. You won't be able to edit or view them on the store until a paid plan tier has been selected.


Bold Brain is no longer available for new installations. If you currently have Bold Brain installed on your store, it will continue to function as expected.



Change Your Price Plan

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Brain.
  3. Select Settings, then Choose a Plan.

    Select Settings/Choose A Plan

  4. Adjust the plan slider to select your monthly maximum. 

    Note: A charge of $19.99 + 2% of your total widget revenue (as calculated by Brain) will be applied to your Shopify account. Example: If your total widget revenue for the month was $2,000, your charge would be $59.99. The app's billing starts at the end of your trial period.

    Select Monthly Max

  5. Select Save Max Spend.

    Select Max Spend

  6. Select Approve charges.

    Select Approve Charges

  7. The app's current monthly charges will be displayed here.

    Monthly Charges

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