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This feature requires Bold Brain to be installed on your Shopify store. Brain also needs significant purchase information from the site to suggest any Insight offers. Visit Why does my store not have any offer Insights? for more information.


Bold Upsell integrates with Bold Brain to provide you with "Insights" on offers that it believes will work well on the site.

Brain analyzes all of your store's order information and builds purchase relationships between products that it notices are selling well together. If a relationship between two products is strong enough, Brain will suggest placing these items together as an offer.

To create an Insight offer in Upsell, please follow these steps:


  1. From within your Brain app, select Brain Insights.

    Select Brain Insights

  2. Hover over your desired offer and select Take Action.

    Select Take Action

  3. Select Take Action.

    Select Take Action again

  4. Select a Trigger location:

    Select a Trigger Location

    • Add to cart: This will trigger the offer directly after the customer adds the first product to their cart. They'll then have to accept or decline this offer before they continue shopping.

      Select Add to Cart

    • Before checkout: This will display the offer before the customer checks out from the site. As long as the first product is in their cart when they go to check out, Upsell will offer the other item to them. They'll then have to accept or decline this offer before moving onto the checkout process.

      Select Before Checkout

    • After checkout: This trigger location uses an additional integration with our Bold Cashier app. The second product is presented to the customer after they complete the checkout process. They're given up to 5 minutes to decide if they want to add this item onto their order. Cashier will then process the additional product with the original order and charge them accordingly. Visit Create an Upsell After Checkout Offer for more information on this trigger type.

      Select After Checkout

  5. Enter an Offer Title.

    Enter an Offer Title

  6. Enter an Offer Description.

    Enter an Offer Description

  7. Select Create Offer

    Note: Upsell will indicate any offers that are created through Brain's Insights by adding "Created by Brain Insight" to the beginning of the internal name.

    Select Create Offer

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