How does the display timer work in Motivator?

Bold Motivator allows you to set how long your banners display on the storefront. This setting can be found within Motivator under Display SettingsStep 5 - Timing.

Picture shows the Sales Motivator Display Settings on Step 5, and the timer set to display for 60 seconds

The display timer is counted for each of the banners that show on the site. This means that if you set the timer to 5 seconds, the initial banner, each of the qualifying banners, as well as the confirmation banner will show for 5 seconds.


If you're using Motivator to offer a free gift item, we strongly suggest setting your display timer to under 10 seconds. The gift product is only added to the customer's cart once the confirmation banner has displayed and disappeared from the storefront.

The display timer has no minimum or maximum display time. The banners will still change as your customers qualify for Motivator's goals, they just won't disappear until the timer has been counted down for a specific banner. If set to 0, the banner simply won't display on the site.

You can also hide the banner from the homepage, or hide it altogether. It can also be moved to the bottom of your store.

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