Bold Memberships & Custom Pricing Integration

Bold Memberships integrates with Custom Pricing to provide you with the ability to automatically offer product discounts to customers who are signed up as members.

Custom Pricing creates the price discounts while Memberships provides various levels of access, and bills your customers recurrently for their plan.

After subscribing to a membership, your customers are automatically marked with the plan tag associated with that membership plan. Custom Pricing then reads this tag and displays the  discounted product prices.


This integration requires both Bold Custom Pricing and Bold Memberships to be installed on your Shopify store. The coding installations for both apps must also be completed prior to setting up this integration.




To integrate these two apps, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Custom Pricing (Wholesale & Quantity Breaks).
  3. Select Manage Tags.

    Select Manage Tags

  4. Enter a Tag.

    Note: You can enter any name you would like for the tag, just be sure to record this tag for later. You'll need to enter the exact same tag name in Memberships when creating your plan.

  5. Enter a Description.
  6. Select Yes or No to charge tax.
  7. Enter a Default Discount (%).

    Note: This is the discount percentage you'll be providing to your customers who are members.

  8. Select Add New Tag.
  9. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  10. Select Recurring Memberships.
  11. Select Plans.
  12. Select Create New Plan.
  13. Enter a Plan Name.
  14. Enter a Plan Tag.

    Note: This is the tag that must match the one created in Step 4. These tags are case-sensitive and must match each other exactly in order for the integration to work.

  15. Enter a Plan Description.
  16. Select Edit Access Denied Message to change the text (optional).
  17. Select Enable Trial? and enter a number of Days to enable a free trial (optional).
  18. Enter Cycle Pricing to set the fee for this plan.
  19. Select a Billing Cycle.
  20. Enter How many payments.

    Note: Deselect "Forever" and enter a number in the box to the left of it to limit the number of payments to a specific number. Leave "Forever" selected to have the payments continue until the subscriber cancels.

  21. Select the Checkmark to add this billing option.
  22. Select Add Billing Option to add another option (optional).
  23. Repeat Steps 18 - 22 until you have added all billing options.
  24. Select Add Registration Field to collect additional information from your subscribers.

    Note: First name, last name, and email address will automatically appear, so they don't need to be added with registration fields.

  25. Select Add Rule to add rules to the plan (optional).

    Note: This can be used to show specific products, collections, etc. to these members only. The plan rules are set from the perspective of a member. This means that if you want to hide content from non-members, you'll create a "Show" rule for the respective content.

  26. Select Save.
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