Can't Accept Membership Payments in Foreign Currencies


Bold Memberships can use both Stripe and PayPal to accept payments for your membership plans. PayPal is only able to automatically capture payments that are made in the currency your account is set up to accept. Payments that are made in a currency other than your default must be manually captured within your PayPal account.

To accept payments made in a foreign currency, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to PayPal's homepage.
  2. Select Log In.

    Select Log In

  3. Enter your PayPal credentials.

    Enter PayPal Credentials

  4. Select Log In.

    Select Log In

  5. Select Activity.

    Select Activity

  6. Beside the payment you want to capture, select Accept.

    Select Accept

  7. Select one of the following options:

    Select One of These Options

    • Accept this payment and convert it to $XX.XX: This option will accept the payment from the customer and convert it to your account's currency. PayPal will charge a transaction fee each time you accept a payment this way.

      Select Accept Payment and Convert

    • Accept this payment in <insert currency> and create a balance in this currency: This option will accept the customer's payment, create a new "wallet", and place the amount into this wallet. After this, PayPal will automatically place any payments made in this currency to this wallet. You can then convert that entire wallet to your account's main currency and pay one transaction fee.

      Select Accept Payment and Create Balance

    • Deny this payment and return the money to the sender: This option will deny the customer's payment and return the funds to their PayPal account.

      Select Deny Payment and Return to Sender

  8. Repeat Steps 6 - 7 for each payment you need to capture.

    Repeat Steps 6 - 7

That's it!

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