Process an Exchange with Returns Manager


Returns Manager gives you the flexibility to accept returns for exchange. Your customers are able to attach notes to their return and specify which product(s) they want to receive instead of the one in their original order.

Note: This feature uses Shopify's Draft Order functionality to create the exchange order. Returns Manager is not able to create orders from directly within its admin.

To process a return for exchange, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Returns Manager by Bold.

    Select Returns Manager

  3. Select Returns.

    Select Returns

  4. Select Pending Requests.

    Select Pending Requests

  5. Select Approve next to the return you would like to process.

    Select Approve

  6. Select OK.

    Select OK

  7. Select Active Returns.

    Select Active Returns

  8. Find the return you just approved.

    Find Approved Return

  9. Under "Customer Note", select Open.

    Select Open

  10. Take note of the product your customer wishes to exchange for.

    Take Note of Exchange Product

  11. Select OK.

    Select OK

  12. From Shopify's admin, select Orders.

    Select Orders

  13. Select Create order.

    Select Create Order

  14. Select Browse products.

    Select Browse Products

  15. Select All products.

    Select All Products

  16. Select the item(s) your customer wants to receive as an exchange.


  17. Select Add to order.


  18. Select Add discount.

    Select Add Discount

  19. Under "Discount this order by", select the percentage icon and enter 100 as the discount amount.

    Note: This is how you're able to offer the exchanged product(s) for free, or at a discounted rate. If there's a cost difference between the returned item and the product(s) your customer wants to receive instead, we suggest applying a smaller discount amount and selecting Email invoice in Step 23 of this guide. Your customer will then be emailed a link to checkout and pay for the difference in cost.

    Enter Order Discount

  20. Enter a Reason.

    Enter Discount Reason

  21. Select Apply.

    Select Apply

  22. Under "Find or create a customer", select the customer who submitted the exchange.

    Search for Customers

  23. Select Mark as paid.

    Select Mark as Paid

  24. Select Create order

    Note: After selecting Create order, your customer will be emailed through Shopify to inform them the order has been created.

    Select Create Order

That's it! Once you've gotten confirmation from your customer that they've received their product(s) and are satisfied with the return process, you can archive their return

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