Create Your Payment Terms


Bold Net Terms offers you the ability to create different payment terms for your wholesale customers. You can set the number of days before the payment is due, as well as when the payment period begins.

To create payment terms in Net Terms, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Net Terms.

    Select Bold Net Terms

  3. Select Settings, then Payment Terms.

    Select Settings/Payment Terms

  4. Select Create New Payment Term.

    Select Create New Payment Terms

  5. Enter the Payment Term Name.

    Enter Payment Term Name

  6. Enter the Payment Period.

    Enter Payment Period

  7. Select when the Payment period starts

    Note: "On order date" will begin counting from the date the customer's order is placed. "End of month" will calculate their payment terms starting from the end of the current month. "On order fulfillment date" will count their payment days from when the order is fulfilled by you.

    Select Payment Period Starts

  8. Enter a deposit percentage.

    Note: This is the how much of a customer's order must be paid upfront.

    Enter Deposit Percentage

  9. Select Save Payment Term.

    Note: The app will display a notification banner once this saves correctly.

    Select Save Payment Term

That's it!

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