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Bold Cashier must be installed and enabled on your site to use Bold Net Terms. This app cannot be installed, or function, without Cashier.

Bold Net Terms is an app that allows you to offer term payment conditions to your customers. You can set how much money a customer can spend on their terms account, as well as the time frame in which they must pay for their orders.

You're able to accept payments from your customers using the card information they have on file, or note payments that were made to you offline.

The app will also keep a log of any actions that are taken with your customers' terms account.

To set up Net Terms, please follow these steps:

Net Terms functions as an extension of Bold Cashier. It can only be installed through Cashier and must have Cashier set up and enabled to work correctly.

Visit Get Started with Cashier if you do not currently have Cashier installed and enabled.

Visit Install Net Terms for more information on how to install the app.

The app also has a small coding installation that is required for it to function correctly on your site.

Generally, Net Terms is able to insert these files automatically when you install the app. However, there may be instances where these files need to be installed manually.

Visit Missing Liquid Files in Net Terms to learn how to insert this code correctly.

The payment terms are how you're able to dictate how long your customers have to pay for their orders.

You're able to select the number of days, as well as when the payment period begins. You can specify what percentage of an order a customer must put down as a deposit. You can also create multiple sets of payment terms to apply to different customers.

Visit Create Your Payment Terms for more information on how to set this up in the app.

After creating your payment terms, you're able to assign them to a specific customer. This will allow your customer to "pay" for their order using their terms account.

When assigning payment terms, you can select from your created terms while also setting how much credit a customer has on their account.

You're also able to select which currency your customer will make payments in.

Visit Assign a Customer Their Payment Terms for more information on how to accomplish this.

Visit Multi-Currency & Net Terms Integration to learn how to set your customer's currency.

Once your customers have placed an order, you'll need to record payments on their terms account.

These payments can be made using a credit card associated with the customer's account, or through an offline payment service.

Note: Payments made through an offline service must be recorded manually within Net Terms for the app to return funds to your customer's account.

Visit Record a Customer Payment for more information on how to note these payments in the app.

Net Terms keeps a running log of all the actions that have been taken on a customer's account.

You're able to view their orders, payments, refunds, as well as their credit limit and any available credit they currently have on their account.

Visit View the Customer Log for more information.

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