Installation Guide for Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell allows you to offer additional products to your customers while they're checking out from your site. You can offer them at full price, or provide a discount to incentivize your customers into purchasing more.


Bold Checkout must be installed and enabled on your site to use Bold Upsell. This app cannot be installed without using Bold Checkout as well.




To install Upsell, please follow these steps:

  1. Within the BigCommerce admin, navigate to My Apps.
  2. Select Bold Checkout.
  3. Select Marketplace.
  4. Beside Bold Upsell, select Install.
  5. Select the checkbox on the PCI compliance page.
  6. Select Confirm to accept the app's permissions.

    Select Confirm

  7. Select Confirm Payment.
  8. Enter your Billing information.
  9. Enter your Payment information.
  10. Select Confirm.
  11. Select Accept Terms Of Service on the "Terms and Conditions" page.

    Select Accept Terms of Service

  12. Select Configure beside Bold Upsell within the Marketplace to setup the app.
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