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Bold Cashier provides you with the ability to inject custom tracking scripts. These scripts can pass additional information over to services that you already use to track your customers.

Note: Visit Google Analytics & Cashier Integration and Troubleshooting Facebook Pixel in Cashier for more information on how to link your tracking accounts to Cashier.

These are some of the order parameters you can use to create your custom scripts:

  • The ID number of the customer's order, in Cashier.
  • BOLD.order.currency: The currency the order was purchased in.
  • The customer's email address.
  • BOLD.order.billing_address.province_code: The province or state ID code (Manitoba = MB).
  • BOLD.order.billing_address.country_code: The customer's country ID code (Canada = CA).
  • BOLD.order.line_items.sku: The item's SKU number.
  • BOLD.order.line_items.title: The product title (product name).
  • BOLD.order.line_items.price: The price of the item in the lowest denomination ($39.95 = 3995).
  • BOLD.order.line_items.quantity: The quantity of a purchased product.
  • BOLD.order.line_items.platform_variant_id: The item's Shopify variant ID.
  • BOLD.order.line_items.platform_product_id: The item's Shopify product ID.
  • BOLD.order.subtotal: The order's subtotal in the lowest denomination ($39.95 = 3995).
  • BOLD.order.total_shipping: The total cost of shipping.
  • BOLD.order.total_tax: The total amount of taxes on the order.
  • The complete order total cost (including tax and shipping).

To insert your custom scripts into Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Cashier.

    Select Bold Cashier

  3. Select Settings, then Analytics.

    Select Settings/Analytics

  4. Navigate to the section where you want to add custom tracking scripts.

    Navigate to Tracking Section

  5. Select Enable...

    Select Enable

  6. Copy and paste your custom tracking script here.

    Paste Custom Tracking Scripts

  7. Select Save.

    Select Save

That's it!

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