Create an Upsell After Checkout Offer


Bold Upsell works in conjunction with Bold Cashier to give you the ability to create "Upsell After Checkout" offers.

These offers are presented in Cashier's checkout after the customer has completed their order. They're then able to accept the additional product(s) offered to them and have it process in the same transaction as their main purchase.

Note: Cashier is able to "hold" the customer's billing information for up to five minutes. If the customer does not accept the offer within this timeframe, they are not able to receive the additional item(s).

Here's how to create this type of offer for your store:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Upsell

    Note: The app's admin should default to the "Manage Offers" page. If not, select Offers, then Manage Offers.

    Select Bold Upsell

  3. Select Create New Offer.

    Select Create New Offer

  4. Select Manually.

    Note: Selecting Recommendations will allow you to create an offer using Bold Brain. Visit Create an Insight Offer in Bold Upsell for more information on this feature.

    Select Manually

  5. Enter an offer name.

    Note: This is an internal name for your own reference. Your customers will not see this on the storefront.

    Enter Offer Name

  6. Select Set a Trigger.

    Select Set a Trigger

  7. Choose Select Products.

    Choose Select Products

  8. Select the product(s) you want to trigger the offer.

    Select Trigger Products

  9. Select Confirm.

    Select Confirm

  10. Select Set an Offer.

    Select Set an Offer

  11. Enter an offer title.

    Enter Offer Title

  12. Enter an offer description.

    Enter Offer Description

  13. Choose Select Products.

    Choose Select Products

  14. Select the product(s) you want to offer in the Upsell window.

    Select Offer Products

  15. Select Confirm.

    Select Confirm

  16. Select Offer customers an after checkout discount (optional).

    Note: This can be used to offer buy one get one (BOGO) deals to your customers.

    Select Offer Customers an After Checkout Discount

  17. Enter a discount amount.

    Enter Discount Amount

  18. Select the discount type.

    Select Discount Type

  19. Select Save Offer.

    Select Save Offer

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