Create a Standard Subscription Group



The app's subscription groups are how you determine which products you would like to offer as a subscription.

You can select each of the item(s) you want to include in the group, how frequently your customers will receive their products, and even offer a discount for subscribing.

To create a subscription group, please follow these steps:

  1. From BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Subscriptions.

    Select Bold Susbcriptions

  3. Select Subscription Groups.

    Select Subscription Groups

  4. Select Create Subscription Group.

    Select Create Subscription Group

  5. Enter a Group name.

    Note: This is an internal name, your customers will not see it.

    Enter Group Name

  6. Select Select Products.

    Select Products

  7. Select the checkbox beside all of the products you'd like to include in the group.

    Select Checkboxes

  8. Select Confirm.

    Select Confirm

  9. Select Customers can only purchase these products with a subscription (optional).

    Select Optional Toggle

  10. Set your Subscription Frequency.

    Select Order Frequency

    • Select a number from the dropdown menu.

      Note: The list of numbers to choose from will change based on your next selection.

      Select Frequency Number

    • Select your frequency of DaysWeeksMonths, or Years.

      Select Order Interval

  11. Select Show advanced options.

    Select Show Advanced Options

    • Select On purchase day

      Note: The customer's subscription will renew based on the date of their purchase.

      Select On Purchase Day

    • Select On specific day of the month

      Note: The customer's subscription will renew on the same day every month; regardless of their date of purchase.

      Select On Specific Day Of The Month

    • Select Custom occurrence

      Note: This allows you to set up custom logic for when their subscription will renew. Additional choices will show after selecting this option.

      Select Custom Occurrence

  12. Enter Frequency name.

    Enter Frequency Name

  13. Select Save Frequency.

    Select Save Frequency

  14. Select Add New Frequency and repeat Steps 10 - 13 (optional).

    Select Add New Frequency

  15. Select Send customers directly to checkout instead of adding to cart (optional).

    Select Send Customers to Checkout Toggle

  16. Select Offer a discount for subscribing (optional).
    • Enter a Discount percent.

      Toggle Discount on Subscribing

  17. Select Save Changes.

    Select Save

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