Pause/Resume a Subscription in Bold Subscriptions



The Manage Subscriptions Page Version 2.0 is required for this setting to work.

When you allow your subscribers to pause their subscription, they will see the option next to their Subscription Status on the "Manage Subscription" page. Selecting "Pause Subscription" will put their subscription on hold until they resume it.

Note: Visit Allow Subscribers to Pause/Resume Their Subscriptions in Bold Subscriptions for more details on this feature.

To pause/resume a subscription on the storefront, please follow these steps:

  1. From the "Shopify storefront", select Log in.
  2. Enter Email.
  3. Enter Password.
  4. Select Sign In.
  5. Select Manage Subscription.
  6. On an active subscription, under "Subscription Status", select Pause Subscription.

    Select Pause Subscription

  7. To make the subscription active again, select Resume Subscription.

    Select Resume Subscription

That's it!

To pause/resume a subscription within the app, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscription Box App by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders and Susbcription Box App by Bold

  3. Select Subscriptions, then Customers.

    Select Subscriptions/Customers

  4. Select the Edit button next to the customer you'd like to pause a subscription for.

    Select Edit

  5. Select Actions beside the order you want to pause.

    Select Actions

  6. Select Pause subscription.

    Select Pause Subscription

  7. Select Pause to confirm.

    Select Pause

  8. To resume the subscription, repeat Steps 1-5, then:
    1. Select Resume subscription.

      Select Resume Subscription

    2. Select Resume to confirm.

      Select Resume

That's it!

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