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Bold Cashier is a powerful eCommerce app that provides your store with additional checkout functionalities that are not available with BigCommerce's checkout.

Note: Cashier does not require any type of Liquid coding to function on the site. The app's checkout is ready to process orders once the steps in this guide are completed.

Not sure how to get started with Cashier? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on your way:

Cashier requires an attached payment gateway in order to function. The payment gateway is how the customer is charged for their order and where their credit card information is stored.

Visit Supported Payment Gateways in Cashier for more information on our currently-supported gateways.

Note: Payment gateway providers can sometimes take a few business days to approve your site.

Visit Set up a Payment Gateway in Cashier for more information on how to complete this process.

The shipping zones will determine which countries and provinces/states your store can ship to.

You can create your own shipping zones within Cashier. There's no limitation to the number of zones you can create or how many countries you can include in each zone.

Note: We recommend using the "Rest of World" setting if you have a large list of countries for one shipping zone.

Visit these articles for more information on creating shipping zones in Cashier:

Cashier can use default tax rates for the US and Canada. These are calculated at the most up-to-date rates we have available. Your warehouse zone will determine how/where your taxes are calculated from.

By default, the app will not charge taxes for countries outside of Canada and the United States.

Note: If a tax zone is not specified for a country, the app will charge 0% as that country's tax rate. 

Visit Set up Tax Settings in Cashier and Modify Warehouse Address in Cashier for more information on how to create these zones.

Cashier uses an independent checkout process to charge your customers for their orders. Because of this, any discount codes you wish to offer on the storefront must be created within Cashier.

Visit Create a Discount Code in Cashier and View Discount Codes in Cashier for more information on this feature.

Cashier allows you to track different events on your site using Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel.

Visit Add Tracking Scripts and Analytics to Cashier for more information on how to include these in Cashier.

Cashier offers several different ways to customize the look and feel of its checkout:

  • Custom store logos can be displayed within Cashier's checkout. The app lists the store's name when your customers go to confirm their order.

    Visit Add a Logo to Cashier's Checkout for more information on how to add your store's logo to the checkout.

  • The colors of the app's checkout can be adjusted to match your store's color scheme.

    Visit Customize Cashier's Display Colors for more information.

  • Cashier offers both a one-page and three-page checkout mode (Cashier > Settings > General Settings > Checkout Appearance):
    • The checkout process is split into three different pages: Customer Information, Shipping Method and Payment Information.
    • One-page mode places all of the required checkout information onto one page. This mode may help increase conversions and avoid abandoned carts.
  • The verbiage used in Cashier can be adjusted through the app's Language Settings. You can also set up different languages or translate your own language into the app.

    Visit Change Cashier's Language Settings for more information on how to use different languages.

We also recommend going through Cashier's General Settings to ensure this is set up correctly.

Cashier integrates with several different apps to provide functionalities that are not possible using BigCommerce's checkout. These integrations are listed within the apps' admin under the "Marketplace" tab.

Visit Cashier's Integrations section for more information on these app integrations and how to enable them.

We strongly recommend testing Cashier before enabling the app on your site. Cashier has a development mode that allows you to process test orders through a "dummy" payment gateway. This is a great way to check currently automated email flows and familiarize yourself with how orders are processed through Cashier.

Visit Enable Development Mode in Cashier and Place a Test Order with Cashier for more information on this feature.

Note: We recommend placing a test order with a live credit card as well. This is to ensure that your payment gateway is set up correctly.

Cashier is enabled through the app's "General Settings" tab.

Visit Enable Cashier for more information on how to enable the app for your site.

Visit Refund a Cashier Order for more information on this function.

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